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An upcoming, California workshop entitled ‘Effective Marketing’ has been designed to assist business owners to understand and manage all the outstanding aspects of marketing their business. During this course, guests will learn how to create persuasive and compelling marketing messages that will increase customer traffic towards their websites.

In this session, participants will find out how to create marketing messages based their business, discover insights into what drives buyers through purchasing behaviors, and learn how to take competitive advantage using differentiation. There will be information on how to locate and identify targeted customer using geographic destinations, lifestyle data, and census information.

Guests will also learn how to identify and understand various social media and media delivery systems, including print, electronic, and interactive methods and techniques. Discussion will take place on using public relations, press releases, marketing structures, and market ROIs and ROAs. This workshop is being instructed by Mark Thompson, who has 25 years’ experience in brand marketing, consumer marketing, and general management.

For people looking to start a business or purchase franchises for sale, this valuable information will start the business down the right path to increased sales using targeted markets and a great marketing plan. Registration is $69 in advance and $79 at the door.

The Effective Marketing workshop is coming up on Saturday, December 8 at the National University, located at 705 Palomar Airport Road in Carlsbad, California. To register for this course, or for more details, please visit the SCORE San Diego website or call 619-557-7272.

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November 26, 2012