Businesses to make an essentially good start

The ‘Start-Up Essentials’ workshop has been designed as a must attend for anyone in the Carlsbad, California area thinking of starting a new business or who has an existing business that could use a slight ‘tune-up’. This is a comprehensive workshop that seeks to be easy to understand and ensure everybody takes the right steps for running a successful business.

There are numerous reasons to be your own boss and, throughout the workshop, guests will hear from executives and entrepreneurs who have run successful businesses for many years. The aim will be to determine what the business owner’s responsibility and role is and how they can conduct an overall self-assessment of their skills and experience.

There will be information on creating the perfect business plan and why it is essential to any business. Various legal business structures will be examined, as well as the necessity for financial controls. Guests will learn where they can find venture capital funding for their new business and which marketing strategies and technique are best used to promote their businesses.

The session is being led by Kaitland Hammock, Loan Assistant at CDC Small Business Finance, John Homan, a SCORE counselor, Susan Lamping, Senior Loan Officer at CDC Small Business Finance, and Michael Leonard, a business attorney. These people work alongside small business owners regularly.

If you are looking to start your own business or take advantage of promoting or funding franchise opportunities, the Start-Up Essentials workshop has the people who can guide you. This cost is $69 pre-registered or $79 at the door with lunch included. This session is occurring on Tuesday, October 2, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the National University, Carlsbad. For additional details, please visit the SCORE San Diego website or call the office at 619-557-7272.

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