Wednesday workshop should all go to plan

Since behind every successful business there is a well-thought out business plan, ‘The Business Plan Seminar’ will focus on the information and requirements needed to ensure that all attending professionals’ business plan is well put together and will ensure the business has every chance of being profitable and successful.

One of the reasons some businesses fail is because the owner fails to put their ideas and directions down on paper. In this session, seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience will guide guests so they understand what a business plan is and why it is essential to their business. There will be information on how and where to find financial backing, how to note the competition, what business structure will work best for the business they plan to open, as well as how to establish a marketing plan and what is involved when the business plans to expand.

Guests will also be introduced to creating a production and operation plan, technical plan, and how to use alternative planning when the unexpected occurs. As part of this session, methods for tracking success will be covered and finance and statements will also be discussed at length.

For people interested in starting a business or buying franchise opportunities, this in-depth seminar will provide all the material necessary to ensure the business succeeds. This session will be occurring on Wednesday, September 26, between 8:15 am and 3:45 pm and will be held at the SCORE Office – Downtown located at 721 19th Street in Denver, Colorado. For pricing information and other details, please visit the SCORE Denver website or call 303-844-3945, extension 259.

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September 22, 2012