Sowing seeds this Thursday

On Thursday, June 28, the Angel and Early Seed Financing workshop named “Seed Investing for Entrepreneurs” will take place at the UNO Jefferson Center located in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles. This event runs from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

This is a single-day training workshop designed to provide young companies with an observation of how seed investors analyze, come to decisions, and decide in which businesses they should invest their money. At this event, there will be tech transfer officials who will assist with the understanding of how to work successfully with the different types of venture investors, as well as “Angel Networks.” Students will learn essential skills such as how to evaluate business deals, pricing business deals, and how to structure a deal for success. There will be a coaching team available throughout the session who will help to assist with learning how to negotiate a deal, the dos and don’ts of deal making, creating a win-win strategy, and how to close, cash out, and mentor the deal.

This workshop is focused on those business ventures seeking the first equity investment opportunity and those businesses showing promise for creating accelerated income and growth. This seminar is great for early stage entrepreneurs, people looking to start a small business, or people looking to invest in franchise opportunities in the future. They will learn everything they need to compete and receive funding from investors and angel networks and organizations.

Advanced registration is a must for this event but admission is free. To find out more, please visit the LSBDC website or call the LSBDC office at 504-831-3730.

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