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Tomorrow, on Tuesday, June 26, the Five Steps to Secure Financing Workshop will take place at United Way of St. Charles Parish located at 13207 River Road in Luling, Los Angeles. This event will begin at 2:00 pm and end at 5:00 pm.

The Five Steps to Secure Financing is designed to assist small businesses to find startup and expansion capital for their business ideas and their currently operating businesses. The guest speaker at this event will be Allen Villurribia.

At this course, the student will learn how to approach an individual lender or group of lenders, as well as how to assess their business’ financial needs. Once assessed, the course will show them how to identify the various sources of capital which are available and how to prepare any documentation required for the lender or investor. Outlined in this workshop will be what exactly the lenders are looking for and what sort of questions the borrower can expect the lender to ask them in order to have more success in obtaining the financing they are requesting. During the course, participants will receive key forms and helpful information which they can use when preparing their financial package to present to the lender. They will also learn how to prepare a workshop in order to determine their startup costs, financial needs, and budget allocations.

If you are wishing to take advantage of business franchise opportunities or start your own company, this workshop is ideal. For more information, please visit the LSBDC website or contact 504-831-3730.

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