Vertical Market Selling – Avoiding the Commodity Trap

On Wednesday, June 27th, Xeros Corporation is sponsoring “Vertical Market Selling – Avoid the Commodity Trap” training session webinar. This event will take place at 2:00 pm ET, 1:00 pm CT, 12:00 pm MT, and 11:00 am EST.

Joe Rickard is a top consultant and trainer that is dedicated to graphic communications within the print industry. For years, Joe has worked with printing and technology companies throughout the industry to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, as well as increase sales. As an outstanding speaker and motivator , he speaks and trains on many corporate events, plus writes for a number of well renowned publications. He also has several books published to his name.

In this training webinar, participates will learn how to effectively root out highly-valued customers, as well as compose messages that salespeople can use to generate additional sales, and which applications are to the companies advantage to increase sales and make the company a huge success. Guests who attend this webinar will learn by identifying critical customer and industry business issues within the vertical markets they target. By learning about the issues, participants will be more successful and more productive, spending less time selling and more time creating sales. Guest will learn which the fastest growing markets are, what is the most challenging when selling to these markets and where and how to get started down the path to success. For those wishing to open a printing company or take advantage of printing franchise opportunities, this is an exceptional webinar to attend.

For additional information on pricing or to register, please visit My Print Resources website, or Xeros Corporation’s website.

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