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On Monday, July 9, a Business Law 101 Workshop will take place at the UMKC Entrepreneurial Legal Service Clinic located at 4747 Troost Avenue, Suite 213, in Kansas City, Montana. This training session will run from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

This workshop runs at least once a month for small business owners and is sponsored by the UMKC Entrepreneurial Legal Services Clinic. During this event, guests will learn all about what “Limited Liabilities Entities” means their small business and why it could be very important that their business has it. The instructor will explain in detail the importance behind liabilities and how they affect the various businesses. During this workshop, participants will learn all about how to obtain the various materials they require, completed the necessary forms, and how to submit them to the proper authorities in the tax department.

Part of the focus during the course will be a discussion on the implications and filing requirement in relation to the Federal government. The talk will explain to the guests all filing requirements necessary to the guests, as well as how to complete the forms they need to submit. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be supplying everyone who attends this event with the relevant small business forms and publications during this portion of the workshop.

Admission to this function is free, but guests are required to register in advance, as space is limited. For people interested in taking advantage of franchise opportunities, this is a great course. For more information, please visit the Small Business and Self-Employed website or call Judy Sharp at 816-235-6341.

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