Webinar Series for Printers

From Thursday, May 3rd to Thursday, May 17th, K-State Pollution Prevention Institute will be hosting “Webinar Series for Printers”, which is actually three separate webinars held at 12:50pm CDT. Guests can register in advance for any one of the series of three webinars, or all three of the webinars in this series.

This webinar series is being presented over lunch hour and is a series of three separate webinars. The first webinar, being held May 3rd, will focus on non-regulatory resources to help your business confirm to compliance standards. The second webinar, being held May 10th, will focus on reducing solvent usage operating costs. The third webinar, being held May 17th, will focus on how sustainable green printing assisted a Kansas printer increase profits by more than 15%. All of these webinars are held on Thursdays. This series of webinars is in partnership with PIA, Print Industries of American and Kansas SBEAP. Each session will be 50 minutes in duration and will assist print companies and print franchise operators with answers on how to make the business more sustainable while saving money and reducing emissions, legality of ink and solvent evaporation, how to handle solvent rags, the compliance assistance checklist, record keeping for emissions, air permits, and much more.

All guests must register in advance for each webinar they wish to attend. A formal email confirmation will be returned with all the information required by guests planning to attend. For additional information about this webinar series, please visit PIA’s website, Kansas SBEAP’s website, or call K-State Pollution Prevention Institute at 800-578-8898.

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