Get Set For Microsoft 365 Webinar

On Thursday, May 10 Avanti will be presenting Microsoft 365 Webinar. This event will run from 2pm to 3pm Easter Standard Time.

For more Microsoft users, Microsoft 365 is a product they have not had the experience of using yet. This webinar will explain what Microsoft 365 is and why it will make a difference to a company’s business. Through this webinar, guests will learn about the benefits of using CLOUD technology in your day to day business operations, how to use Microsoft 365 with the Cloud computing technology to save the company money, time, and free up valuable IT resources. This new Microsoft 365 works in collaboration Cloud to better productivity, work from anywhere, and how to resolve problems at a record pace. This webinar will assist business and print franchise owners with making informed decisions with an overview of the functions available in Microsoft 3654, information about the ordering and licensing process, and how to make the transition easily. Microsoft 365 is reliable, secure, powerful, and affordable. This webinar will show print providers and print franchise owners how to streamline their process from ordering to fulfillment. This software will work with all other Microsoft products and has the look and the feel of Microsoft Office 2010, making the adjustment period of shorter, as the software application is already familiar to most print companies and print franchise operators.

There is no fee to attend this event, but space is limited, so advanced registration is being requested. For print franchises, this collaboration software would provide much more flexibility and faster turnaround time on projects. For more information about this webinar, please visit the Avanti website or call Avanti at 800-482-2908.

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