Future Proofing your Digital Edition Webinar

On Wednesday, May 9th Folio Magazine will be presenting the “Future Proofing you Digital Edition” webinar. This webinar is being presented at various times, so please check the Future Proofing you Digital Edition’s website.

Over the next six months, Nxtbook Media is planning to introduce a two game – changing technologies to the digital edition industry. The first game change is now available and delivers application-like native performance for the browser. Due out later in the year, the second game change will dynamically optimize web content for all media devices. At this webinar the discussion will be based on how these two offerings can and will deliver a more engaging read for customers of all types of publications.

Those who attend this webinar will be part of the developmental process by beta-testing the first game change. This webinar was designed for guests to help with the testing and shaping of future developments in this industry. It will also be a great opportunity for guests to submit their opinions via an interview process, days after the webinar has taken place.

When contacted for an interview, guests will be asked to provide detailed feedback about what they did or did not like about the products. Guests at this event will want to understand how this product can be used in the various print industries and how it can benefit print franchises and independent print publishers.

For additional information or to register in advance, which is a requirement, please visit the “Future Proofing your Digital Edition” website.

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