Printing Company in Everett

A printing company in Everett , Washington, will enjoy the ambience of being located a busy seaport with a large naval presence. Naval Station Everett is the home port of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, and the base is an important component of the city’s economy. Everett also handles ocean-going vessels, and much of the activity here centers on the waterfront. At Minuteman Press, we’re equipped to meet the demands of a variety of job requests and are happy to assist our customers in any way we can.

A printing company today is a lot more than a source for just letterheads or business cards. Print shops still supply traditional products, but they have a surprising array of other goods available. At a print shop, a customer can find ready-made computer stationery, greeting cards and office supplies, but printers can also handle projects made to the customer’s specifications. They can run off company letterheads, personalize note cards, or print posters for local events.

Some companies today may try to economize by handling print work in-house, but this may not be the most effective choice. Printing is a specialized field encompassing design, layout, the actual printing, and finishing with such techniques as folding and stapling. It requires a stock of supplies that might not be convenient for a company to keep. It’s far simpler to let a printing company in Everett take over. Call or stop by at Minuteman Press today and let us show you how we can help you with your project.