Presentation Folders in Everett

Presentation folders in Everett , Washington, make it easy for organizations to share information with current and potential clients. Everett seems to enjoy hosting big things; the Boeing Aircraft assembly plant, one of the largest buildings on earth measured by volume, is here, and the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln is berthed in Everett. At Minuteman Press, we’re happy to serve the wide variety of customers here.

Presentation folders, unlike file folders, have pockets inside to hold information, one on each side. There are also usually slits cut in one of the pockets in a configuration that makes it possible to slip a business card on the front. The company can put anything it likes in the pockets, including its background, officers, strategic plans, products specifications, and even company philosophy. The information sheets, business card, and folder itself make a handsome package to give to a current or potential client.

Companies using presentation folders can take the opportunity to display their logo, a photo of their headquarters building, or other image on the front of the folder. Most such folders are produced with a glossy finish, so photos and illustrations appear at their best. A company that uses this type of folder should also make sure that its logo appears on the front, on each sheet of paper, and on the business card, so the impression of a brand name is reinforced.

Presentation folders in Everett are extremely useful for businesses here to use when they wish to provide information to others. Please stop and visit us, or give us a call at Minuteman Press for a free quote.