Booklet Printing in Berkeley

The Northern California city of Berkeley is well known to most of the country as home of the oldest of the University of California’s branches, U.C. of Berkeley. The city, however, has many other facets that make it as good a place to live as it is to go to school. For instance, commuting by walking or cycling is very common Berkeley, according to the city itself. Here at Minuteman Press, we work with clients to extoll the virtues of the city and their company via booklet printing in Berkeley .

Statistics show Berkeley to be one of the safest cities for its size in the state, with regard to pedestrian or bicycle accidents per percentage of riders and walkers. The city has worked hard to make itself friendly to the non-motoring public. One tactic it has used is the utilization of diverters and barriers to modify the original street grid and direct most of the traffic away from neighborhoods and onto arterial streets. Additionally, Berkeley maintains a grid of arterial streets, referred to as Bicycle Boulevards, and these contain bike lanes and a reduced level of car traffic.

With so many residents opting to participate in healthy activities such as walking and biking, it is not surprising that businesses connected with healthy living do well here. At Minuteman Press, we provide a wide range of booklet printing options to our clients. Among the many motivations for booklet printing in Berkeley is detailing the advantages of a healthcare plan, diet plan, or exercise regimen. For information on the many instances in which booklet printing is applicable, please give us a call.