Flemington farm to host special celebration

April 25, 2017 by  

Flemington’s Readington River buffalo Farm has issued an invitation to the public in the local area to come out and see American bison roam freely.

The farm will be hosting its [Read more]

Flemington residents invited to horse around this Easter season

March 30, 2017 by  

flemington’s Acres Away LLC will be hosting an Easter egg hunt with an unexpected twist.

The farm will be [Read more]

Night of fun on the way for Flemington

February 23, 2017 by  

Spring is on the way, and in Flemington, that means it’s time for the annual Flemington Elks Lodge Swing Into Spring comedy night.

The organizers have planned an evening that [Read more]

Calling all comic collectors to Flemington

January 24, 2017 by  

A huge comic book and collectibles show is being planned for Flemington, and event’s organizers are seeking a variety of vendors interested in participating. [Read more]

Flemington to host flea market with a punk rock twist

December 23, 2016 by  

While many may be familiar with flea markets, one that has been planned for this Spring in Flemington will offer bargain hunters and other shoppers an opportunity to find treasures that are a [Read more]

Flemington eatery to host holiday fundraiser

November 28, 2016 by  

This holiday season, Flemington’s Grateful Bites will be hosting a fundraiser that will teach participants how to put their creative skills to work in making decorated treats. This is just one of the activities that will be [Read more]

Flemington firefighters to stay focused in upcoming training

October 29, 2016 by  

An upcoming training session planed for the Flemington area will ensure that those involved in firefighting keep awareness and preparedness at the forefront in the performance of their duties.

The seminar, which has [Read more]

Thrifty shopping event planned for Flemington

September 10, 2016 by  

Flemington bargain hunters, upcyclers and those who just need some “retail therapy” are invited to come to an event that will give them a chance to browse through some of the area’s second hand and vintage stores with vintage expert Bridgett Artise.

The Born Again Vintage Thrifting Trip will [Read more]

Special week planned to celebrate Flemington restaurants

August 25, 2016 by  

Flemington Foodies are invited to an event that will give them an opportunity to sample dishes from restaurants throughout the community.

The Flemington Business Improvement District’s (BID) has once again organized Flemington Restaurant Week, which will encourage the public to enjoy meals at different local eateries at a special rate. This year, the event has expanded to include restaurants in the rest of Raritan Township who are members of the BID. A creator of custom drinkware can both design and then produce glasses and other items for use during a special annual event such as this.

Those businesses participating in the week’s activities are expecting reservations to fill up quickly, and it is suggested that those who are interested in trying out a particular establishment should make their reservations early.

They can also enquire to find out what the menu is, what sort of specials are being offered and what its hours of operation are. The prices many of the restaurants will be posting do not usually include the tax, beverage, or the gratuity, and some will only be providing the special pricing on certain days of the event.

The Flemington Restaurant Week will take place from October 31 until November 6. Anyone who would like to find out more or see a list of participating eateries is invited to visit the event’s website.

Flemington kids receive incentive to have a safe summer

July 20, 2016 by  

An initiative has been undertaken by Flemington police that will see local children be “ticketed” for practicing safe biking or engaging in other activities in a manner that puts safety first.

The idea, which is has been developed as part of the #SafeSummer program, will see youngsters who are found wearing their helmets while biking, or taking appropriate safety precautions while rollerblading or skateboarding, be given a “ticket” by the police.

The tickets are actually cards that can be redeemed at a variety of local sponsors. A printing company can design and produce items for use in campaigns such as this that can be customized to include any graphics or logos that are desired.

According to Dr. Blood, who is one of the people behind the initiative, the goal is to encourage safe recreation and also to encourage positive interactions between children and the police. She explained that kids respond well to positive reinforcement, which the tickets provide.

Young people from families that cannot afford to purchase a helmet will be presented with a voucher for one, which has been contributed by program’s sponsors. The initiative will run until the end of the summer, and plans are already being made to run it again next year.

More information about the #SafeSummer can be obtained by contacting the Flemington Police Department.

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