Guffaws in store as comedy show comes to Houston

July 26, 2012 by  

Next month, funnyman George Lopez will have a show set up for his fans all over the Houston area at the Bayou Music Center, one of the nation’s more popular venues, formerly known as the Verizon Wireless Theater.

Since his career started in 1983, Lopez has been a popular and leading comedian in the entertainment industry. While touring around the world to do stand-up comedy for many different nations across the globe and then later starring on his own series based in the U.S., he quickly jumped up the ranks of the most popular comedians of the 21st century.

The multi-talented Lopez has worked in television with his own series, talk show, and stand-up comedy shows on the popular Comedy Central television channel. He is also the founder of the Lopez Foundation, which works to bring to light underprivileged children and adults who are challenged with a lack of education and health benefits. All the while, he has traveled across the nation, and in some cases the world, and brought his stand-up comedy shows like the “America I Live In” tour with him. Due to the popularity of both the venue and the comedian performing at it, it is likely that the marketing department of the Bayou Music Center will be working hard alongside printing companies to advertise the big event.

George Lopez’s the “America I Live In” tour is scheduled to come to Houston, Texas from August 10 -11 at the Bayou Music Center. Ticket prices and seating can be found at the Bayou Music Center website.