Annual conference of middle school educators to be held at Myrtle Beach

March 2, 2012 by  

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina will be the host this weekend, March 3rd and 4th, for the 35th annual conference of the South Carolina Middle School Association. The theme of this year’s conference is “Past. Present, Future” and the highlights include a welcoming address by Brad Dean, the President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce for the Myrtle Beach Area, at 8:00 Saturday morning and a proclamation by the Mayor of Myrtle Beach, John Rhodes. Printing services are no doubt being used to announce the proclamation and make the public more aware of the conference, its goals and how it will benefit the educational community.

According to the publicity coordinator of the 35th Anniversary Committee, Wendell Shealy, the conference will have over 100 sessions that will cover methods and ideas that educators can use to motivate and meet the needs of middle school students in order to prepare them for the 21st century. A great deal of emphasis will be placed on using technology in the classroom as a way to implement these methods.

There will be two keynote speakers at the conference, Jack Berckmeyer of Denver, Colorado and Hall Davidson of Discovery Education. Berckmeyer is well-known as an author, humorist and presenter and has spoken to many educators about how to communicate with young adolescents using hope and laughter. Davidson, as a director of the Discovery Education network, has worked in educational partnerships by creating blogs and webinars and has focused on the use of technology in education for educators around the world.