North Carolinians can head east with new services

September 2, 2012 by  

Amtrak recently announced that it will be providing two Thruway bus routes beginning in October so that travelers will be able to better connect with areas in the east of North Carolina.

One of the routes will enable the Amtrak Palmetto train service in Wilson to connect with the Thruway bus routes, while the other will enable those in Burlington, North Carolina to travel to Wilson by means of the Carolinian before accessing the Thruway services. Amtrak has no doubt been using flyer printing and poster printing to inform travelers of these new services so they can better plan their trips to eastern North Carolina in the fall.

According to Joe Boardman, CEO and President of Amtrak, these new bus services will help bring travelers of Amtrak to the communities of eastern North Carolina and provide more options for transportation to citizens in the region.

Passengers will be able to book tickets on these new bus services beginning this Tuesday, September 4, the day after Labor Day. They will be able to call a toll free number, purchase them online, or purchase them at their local Amtrak station.

The Palmetto travels between New York City and Savannah, Georgia, running twice a day and serving 20 stations. These stations are hubs that provide further access to over 500 stations across 46 states that form part of the national network of Amtrak trains. This new service by Amtrak in the communities of eastern North Carolina will use intercity motor coaches.