Non-smoking amendment passed in Burlington

November 25, 2012 by  

The City Council of Burlington, North Carolina recently amended the smoking ordinance so that smoking would be banned beginning December 1 in businesses adjacent to restaurants. The City Council is no doubt using flyer printing and poster printing to educate these businesses regarding the amendment so that they can warn customers not to smoke within their premises.

Smoking is currently prohibited by law in North Carolina in restaurants but many owners of restaurants have complained that they have lost business due to smoking in adjacent buildings. Customers have been staying away due to the second-hand smoke coming from these businesses.

There are 108 restaurants in Burlington that have businesses adjacent to them. This amendment will now require an additional 160 businesses adjacent to restaurants to become free of smoking or else they will be issued citations for non-compliance.

According to Harold Owen, City Manager, these businesses will need to be educated on the amendment. The Fire Department of Burlington will be involved in this process and the Police Department will be enforcing it.

Owen added that citations will start from a complaint and then can only be given if there is evidence of cigarettes in the adjacent building or someone is seen smoking in that building. Citations cannot be given for people smoking in a city park or in the area in front of the building, as the city has no jurisdiction there.

Before December 1, notifications of this amended ordinance will go out to businesses by members of the city staff and the fire department.