Local restaurant to hire 100 staff members

August 15, 2013 by  

The Seasons 52 restaurant is close to finishing construction in Burlington and is looking to hire about 100 local residents for its staff. Business card printing services might see an increase in demand in the area as people flock for the available positions, which will include servers, hosts and hostesses, and bartenders. Culinary positions, including preparation and line cooks, will be available too.

According to the Managing Partner of the restaurant, Sean Wiseman, it is looking for professional, friendly, and upbeat people who are enthusiastic about innovative and fresh cuisine and will be able to ensure that the dining experience they deliver to the patrons is a most enjoyable and outstanding one. Those hired will be trained in the tools and techniques of the restaurant and should be able to look forward to a long career, as the philosophy is to hire from within. Wiseman says employees will be offered a comprehensive and competitive benefits package with medical, dental, and vision insurance, meal discounts and a 401K plan.

The theme of Seasons 52 is to have a fresh grill with menu options inspired by the seasons, along with a wine bar offering over 2,000 varieties of wine from all around the world. The atmosphere, says Wiseman, will be one of “casual sophistication”, with a circular piano bar featuring live music every night and a patio outdoors. There will also be four private dining rooms offered for business and social events of a more private and semi-private nature.

The restaurant is planning its grand opening for August 29th.