Focus group in east Burlington takes shape

February 3, 2013 by  

The city of Burlington, North Carolina recently announced that it will be forming a group called the East Burlington Community Workgroup, which will be a focus group whose goal is to gather input from the community on how to improve the city.

Flyer printing and poster printer are most likely being used to make the public aware of this group so that people can attend its meetings and provide the group with the information it needs to take appropriate actions in the city.

According to Mayor Ronnie Wall, the meetings of the group are open to those residents and “stakeholders” in east Burlington who are interested in the direction of the city. Wall said that the idea of the group came about from a tour that was guided by a resident of the community, during which a resident complained that that there seemed to be a lack of effort on the part of the city into cleaning up its east side. He then took the idea of forming a focus to the City Council in January, as the Government is always asked how east Burlington can be better served.

The idea of using a format based on a focus group would enable the residents of east Burlington to create projects for their own neighborhoods that would be derived from their firsthand issues and experiences. These projects would then be reviewed by the City Council for approval to implement.

According to Councilman Celo Faucette, this focus group format is hoped to provide a larger turnout than previously held neighborhood meetings.