Christmas Cheer shares gifts with needy families and individuals

December 16, 2011 by  

Christmas Cheer, a Burlington, North Carolina charitable foundation, is providing assistance for families with children and the elderly who may not be able to purchase gifts or receive any during the holiday season. Christmas Cheer is looking for sponsors to meet with and then shop for families or individuals and make deliveries during the Christmas season. The agency is using printing services to print flyers and posters making people of the community aware of their need for sponsors and distributing these printed materials throughout the community.

Dawn Sternal, Director of Christmas Cheer, says that there are still some cases available and is encouraging people to stop by at the agency’s office and sign up to sponsor a family or individual. She points out that giving this way helps those who donate to appreciate the difference their charitable gift is making.

Sternal points out there are other ways to help if people do not want to be matched with a family or individual. People can donate toys such as skateboards, board games and arts and crafts or donate money through the Agency’s PayPal account.

In addition to Christmas Cheer, the local Times-Union runs an annual campaign called Love Enough to Share that raises and donates money for six local charities. Some of these charities include The Salvation Army Shoes with Love Program, the National Alliance on Mental Illness’ Operation Santa Claus program’s local chapter, and the Foster Children’s Christmas Fund. Participation in the program can be done by filling out the coupon that will be with related stories in the paper throughout the month and returning the coupon to the newspaper’s office. The goal of Christmas Cheer and Love Enough to Share is to raise $40,000 for the charities.