Burlington to be home to new Krispy Kreme store

March 4, 2013 by  

According to information released by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Krispy Kreme has obtained a building permit to construct a new store at 182 Huffman Mill Road in Burlington. Flyer printing is no doubt being put to use to make the local community aware of the arrival of the company’s signature one-of-a-kind glazed doughnuts to Burlington.

There had been some confusion in the town as to whether Krispy Kreme would be coming to Burlington and, if so, at which location. Although last May, the director of corporate communications for Krispy Kreme in Winston-Salem, Brian K. Little, had said that the company was planning a new location at 210 Huffman Road, Alamance County tax records show that the property at 182 Huffman Road which had been owned by the North Carolina Department of Transportation were sold to Chad Sharpe, a partner in the limited liability company KKHMRC, LLC in November 2012 and then leased to Krispy Kreme.

Sharpe has said that the lease is a formality as Krispy Kreme has already received a building permit for the property, which is a big hurdle to overcome in situations like this. According to Burlington’s zoning administrator, Joey Lea, Krispy Kreme has also received a demolition permit to tear down the building that already exists on the property.

Little has said that construction on the new building will begin during the first week of March although it has not been determined as to when the new store will open.