Burlington police to receive investment for playground in Beverly Hills neighborhood

February 25, 2012 by  

The Burlington, North Carolina Police have recently received a $30,000 grant to build a playground in the Beverly Hills neighborhood that will serve as a tool in their efforts to fight crime. They have used printing services to print flyers and posters about this playground so that residents of the community will become aware of the playground when its construction is completed and the children will be able to go there when they have nothing else to do.

According to Councilman Steve Ross, the playground is still in its planning stages. In the meantime, Burlington police have added speed bumps and bike patrols in the neighborhood in order to build trust in the neighborhood and reduce crime. These endeavors have proven to be successful with arrests down 50% and calls for service down 11%.

Burlington Police Officer Winston Meadows has said that the playground will go far in increasing these numbers as it will prevent the kids from getting into things that might be detrimental by giving them a place to go instead.

Resident of the Beverly Hills neighborhood, George Hills, has said that this increased presence has made a difference in the crime rate and is important to the community. He added that he has been trying to build a playground in the neighborhood for many years but that his efforts have been opposed by other residents as they claim a playground is ultimately unsafe. A playground would increase the number of children in the area who could potentially get hit by darting out in front of cars as they go to and from the playground. Police hope, however, that residents will support the playground in order to maintain the increased trust that has built over recent months.