Burlington man to visit MPS–afflicted families

June 2, 2012 by  

A Burlington, North Carolina resident with Hunter’s Disease, a form of the rare genetic disorder Mucopolysaccharidosis or MPS, will begin traveling through the Carolinas to Missouri, Michigan, and several others states at the beginning of this month. His intention is both to learn about and offer education and support to children in those states who are afflicted with his disease. He will no doubt be using flyer printing and poster printing to make those in the towns and communities aware of his visits, allowing everyone to share their experiences.

Dutcher states that he has made road trips of 12 to 13 hours but has never undertaken such an extensive trip as this one. His trip will be funded by a grant, donations and his savings.

At 28 years of age, Dutcher is less than 4.5 feet tall; a maximum height which he attained as a teenager. In addition, his hands are bent at the knuckles and he has trouble with his vision and breathing. He has explained that people tend to look at him somewhat strangely but he has been able to accept it over the years.

One of the reasons for Dutcher’s trip is to let others with the disease know that they are not alone. He plans to visit more than 30 families on his travels and to offer a variety of his insights about the disease. He also intends to see how these families have dealt with the disease and to document the their lives by means of video.