Andy Griffith focus of study group in Burlington

July 28, 2012 by  

Following on a successful study group held several years ago at the First Presbyterian Church in Burlington, North Carolina on the wisdom of Andy Taylor (the character Andy Griffith played in the ‘Andy Griffith Show’), Holt Skinner of the Church said this month that he plans to hold another study group for the general public sometime in the future at the Paramount Theater in Burlington. This is in response to the several calls he received after the passing of Griffith earlier this month. He no doubt will be using poster printing and flyer printing so that those in the Burlington area will be made aware of the study of Taylor and will sign up to attend the event.

The study of Taylor and his character was called ‘The Way Back to Mayberry’ and was designed to study the wisdom of Taylor and his kindness and patience. He demonstrated patience with his best friend, Barney, played by Don Knotts, who was extremely neurotic, as well as with the drunk of the town, Otis. He also demonstrated good parenting to his son, Opie, when he learned of the reality of Mr. McBeeve, who he originally believed to be entirely his son’s imagination.

Another trait of Andy Taylor that he taught in each episode every week is forgiveness. In each episode, Andy was involved in forgiving someone and in trying to be the peacemaker so that either Opie could learn a lesson or Barney could be the hero. He wanted to make sure that everything could be brought together at the end so that everything would work out for everybody.