Postcard Printing in Crescent Springs

For those looking for a quiet place to enjoy peaceful neighborhoods, beautiful parks with great walking trails, and fun events, this small Kentucky city is the place to visit. Crescent Springs is a small town with a close-knit community. Many events take place annually, giving the families a great opportunity to volunteer as well as enjoy each event. With events taking place frequently, postcard printing in Crescent Springs can be utilized to promote the activities.

Postcard marketing is one of the most economical and effective tools to use in a marketing campaign. The target audience is more open to receiving non-obtrusive marketing materials such as postcards.

Designing a postcard is easier than most other marketing materials. The card is usually printed on a medium weight stock and in full color on the front side. High resolution images are used with very concise and very direct messaging. The back side contains the company’s address, perhaps a map to the facility, and space for the mailing label. Postcards generally have a glossy finish, which is the most appealing, but they can have a matte finish as well.

The postcard should have an eye-catching header to entice the recipient to read further. There should also be a call to action option, such as ‘Buy now’ or ‘Limited space’, to create an immediate desire to react.

Postcard printing in Crescent Springs should be considered for any special event promotion. At Minuteman Press, we are printing experts who can assist with the creation and production of postcards for any event or company.