Ft. Lauderdale gets festive with long-running event

November 25, 2013 by  

Presented each year by Mark and Kathy Hyatt in Ft. Lauderdale, the Hyatt Extreme Christmas event is a residential display of lights, decorations and holiday spirit that has been in existence since 1990, and gets underway once more this weekend.

As the Hyatt’s lead the way in this festive display, they have expressed their pleasure in bringing joy to people of various religions. It takes about three months for them to complete their spectacular holiday display.

Included within the display are the Land of Snow White, Winter Wonderland, Playful Penguins, and areas themed around Looney Tunes and Disney. One of the highlights of the entire display for children is seeing the blinking red nose of Rudolph high in the air as Santa takes off with his reindeer.

An addition this year features M & M characters in life size. However, the favorite part for the Hyatts is the Nativity Scene complete with musical angel carolers.

The display is open to the public and provides walkways lined with painted lollipops as they guide holiday revelers into Santa’s Workshop. A 20-foot Ferris wheel is scene along the walkways, as well.

Often, print companies assist with materials for holiday displays. Banner printing is convenient, as the banners can be placed within the display drawing attention to specific areas and guiding foot traffic along the path freely.

The Hyatt’s holiday display consists of thousands of lights and plenty of opportunities for fun, starting on November 29 and continuing until December 28.