Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center offers academic tools to students

January 30, 2013 by  

The Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center opened its Academic Enrichment Center on January 18 having received funding from various sources, such as the Rotary Club of Brandon and the Saunders Foundation

The Center hopes to improve the academic results of elementary and middle-school children from at least 20 schools that take part in their after-school programs, those in the early-childhood learning program, and those from TRIDENT, which is a program for disabled youth and adults.

The types of tools that are provided to students include a Smart Board, which is an interactive white board, and 10 iPads. The Center will receive 10 more iPads in the future. According to Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center executive director Chuck Burgess, many of the children who attend the after-school program do not currently have access to the electronic tools that others do and are often falling behind those who do. He also hopes the program will also help those in the TRIDENT program with basic life skills. The Academic Enrichment Center also hopes to teach students about art and music through these tools.

The Academic Enrichment Center takes up over 600 square feet of space, which also includes a Nintendo Wii room and space for Pre-Kindergarten students.

The Center’s organizers will no doubt be working with Brandon printing companies to inform the community about this new way to help children perform better in school. Flyers will likely be sent out to those with children or will be posted at the Sports and Aquatic Center.