More teachers to be hired in local school district

September 17, 2013 by  

The Manatee County School District, of which Bradenton is a part, recently announced that for the 2013-2014 school year there are plans to hire an additional 85 teachers. It is most likely that the school district is using poster printing to post these open positions throughout Bradenton and the area to let potential teachers know which schools require additional teachers.

The announcement was made after there was an addition of 950 students during the first week and a half of school. In total, 55 classroom teachers will be hired, as well as another 33 teachers at the elementary school level. This is to meet the class size amendment to the Florida constitution approved in 2002, which limited the number of students in core courses (such as English, math, and science) in the state’s public schools.

Officials have said they expect an influx of migrant students to be have major impact on the growth in the student body, as they tend to arrive after the school year has started.

The school district eliminated 182 teaching positions in March due to a budget shortfall, and then rehired 69 of those teachers in August.

According to a district spokesperson, Mike Barber, it will cost an additional $4.3m to hire these teachers. The positions will be funded by Title I funding of $1.2m, increased FTE from the state of $2.1m, and a further $1m built into the tentative budget for 2013-2014 to cover the costs of hiring more teachers.