Mayor gets wheels in motion

June 28, 2013 by  

At Mayor Brummel’s Group Bike Ride this weekend, guests will have the opportunity to preview the route that will be used for the Firecracker 5K, which is a three-point one-mile trip.

For experienced riders, this is a suitable way to enjoy the early morning hours. Promoters of the Firecracker 5K may have used banner printing, flyer printing, poster printing, and other printing services to spread the word about it to people in this community and neighboring areas.

Mayor David Brummel of Warrenville is an avid bike rider, and people of all ages are invited to join him on the day as he winds his way through the route that will be used for the Firecracker 5K taking place on July 4. Seasoned riders should find this short trip will be a breeze, but a great way to experience a morning ride. For casual riders, the route is simple and winds its way through town allowing you to enjoy the early morning happenings throughout the community.

There is no fee for this event and all bike riders are welcome to join the Mayor. It will be happening on Saturday, June 29, beginning at 8:00 am at the Warrenville Gazebo located at 28W701 Stafford Place in Warrenville, Illinois. To learn more about this ride with the Mayor, please visit Warrenville, Illinois’ official website and check out the event section, or call 630-393-9427. It is also not too late to register for the 5K, and this can be done via