Get your ticket for the 2012 Rubber Ducky Regatta

April 3, 2012 by  

The 17th annual Rubber Ducky Regatta will take place at Kemper Park on May 20th beginning at 1pm. Hundreds of rubber duckies will be floated down Neshaminy Creek.

Each rubber ducky will be numbered to match purchased tickets; tickets are $5 for one, or $20 for five and can be purchased from the Warminster Parks and Recreation Department, the Township Building Tax Office, and the Library. Tickets for the regatta are likely being provided by a local Warminster printing company. The duckies will be retrieved by duck marshals and prizes will be handed out to those having numbers that match the first four across the finish line; cash prizes of $200 for first, $150 for second, $100 for third, and $50 for fourth will be handed out. Local print companies are a great place to go for events such as this, not only can they produce tickets, but also flyer printing, poster printing and banner printing; all promoting great events in the community.

Prior to the floating of the ducks, there will be a family picnic in Kemper Park; families bring their own food and dessert will be supplied. After the regatta, there will be lots of family games and activities. It’ll be a fun Spring day for the entire family; the kids, and adults, will be excited to cheer on the duckies as they make their way down the river.

Community events such as this are an excellent opportunity to celebrate with friends and neighbors; many people don’t know the person who lives next door to them. The Rubber Ducky Regatta will be the perfect time to get to know those neighbors and to celebrate a fun outdoor activity.