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Media is a borough which is the administrative center of Delaware County in Pennsylvania. Media is located around 12 miles to the west of Philadelphia, and has a population in excess of 5000 people. Ethical printing companies should do very well in Media, as in 2006 this area became the very first town in America to receive “Fair Trade” certification.

The sense of community pride here is at a very high level, and not only is Media considered friendly, helpful, and historic, it also promotes itself as “Everybody’s Hometown” in advertising publications. Brochure printing and business card printing could be therefore be in demand from local government offices looking to promote the virtues of the local businesses, hotels and public services.

There is a large religious presence here, including the “First Baptist” Church, “St George” Greek Orthodox Church, and two meeting houses that are dedicated to Quakers. Printing services such as poster printing could be in good demand here, as several competing churches advertise the dates and times of their services.

Arguably the best known event in the history of Media is in relation to an FBI scandal in 1971. On the 8th March of that year, a left-wing activist group managed to infiltrate the FBI and seized thousands of secretive papers and documents. All of these confidential findings were distributed to local and national newspapers and radio stations, and showed that the FBI was involved in many illegal practices.

Media has excellent and quirky local transport facilities. The “101 Trolley” is known to be the only tram in the United States that runs through the middle of the main street. The Philadelphia International airport, which is one of the busiest airports in the world, is only about 15 min drive away from the middle of Media.

There is a very popular live music theatre here, which dates back to 1927. Originally a cinema, Media Theatre now has a range of well-known live shows being performed to an enthusiastic audience. Poster printing and flyer printing is an effective way to advertise new shows, and to encourage greater audience numbers.

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