New York-based networking group to hold marketing seminar

February 13, 2012 by  

New York Smart Business Networking is hosting another information-filled event on the 22nd of February.

With the last meet-up’s emphasis on the development and delivery of a pitch, New York Smart Business Networking is going in a different direction with this upcoming event focusing on marketing. From the event description:

“The seminar portion of the event will focus on marketing, as having the right marketing strategy is vital for business growth. Sadly, most small business owners lack marketing skills.

In this meet up we will cover:

1. The broader view of marketing.
2. The three fundamental ways to increase revenue.
3. Leveraging the resources you already have.
4. Formulating a marketing strategy.
5. Brainstorming.” (sic.)

As for the evening as a whole, the schedule has been planned as follows:

“6:30-6:45pm – open networking/registration
6:45-6:50pm – member spotlight presentation
6:50-7:15pm – 30 secs elevator pitches
7:15-7:45pm – Interactive education program
7:45-8:30pm – Connect yourself to your perfect referrals (We will tell you how)” (sic.)

Since sales and marketing are such a crucial part of doing business, it’s immediately clear that New York Smart Networking is once again covering a subject that matters to business owners.

Priced at $15 for pre-registered individuals and $20 for those paying at the door, the fees are reasonable as well.

This agenda gives Brooklyn professionals all the time needed to arrive with a good amount of business card printing . With a membership tally of more than 2,000 entrepreneurs and professionals, there’s plenty of networking to be done at these events.