Brooklyn block gets hot

July 10, 2012 by  

Mark’s Gourmet Burgers will soon open on a block of Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn, between Waverly and Clinton Avenues, but that is not a singular event in this area. What is significant is that Mark’s has found a home on a “perfect” block, according to Elissa Olin, owner of Green in BKLYN, one of the eatery’s neighbors.

From the start, Olin found the block to be ideal for her business. She says:

“It was the perfect location for foot traffic, and customers that go to other businesses would also be interested in mine.”

She is not alone in her assessment. Local resident, Brian Bemberry also thinks the block is special but that has not always been the case. He explains:

“Ten years ago, this block was a mess. It was very dilapidated. Now it’s an up-and-coming area and it’s a different financial situation in this area as opposed to 10 years ago.”

The transformation, a result of revitalization efforts by the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership, included such amenities as custom-designed tree guards and benches, making it a pedestrian-friendly shopping location. This type of neighborhood renewal benefits the broader business community as well. For example, support enterprises such as printing services, an essential when it comes to marketing, are likely to see gains as shops and restaurants take hold.

Carlos Aguila an employee of Karrot, another business on the “perfect” block, thinks all the changes have been for the better. He comments:

“It’s not going back to what it used to be. It’s the promised land of this part of Brooklyn.”

Mark’s Gourmet Burgers, it seems, has found a home with a genuine “block star.”