Print Company in Vernon

The motto of Vernon, Connecticut, is “Crossroads for Opportunity”. The city, which is nearby the capital city of Hartford, had a population of just over 29,000 in the 2010 census. While many residents most likely commute to Hartford for work, just as many work in a variety of small businesses, stores, and other facilities. All of these types of businesses often need to hire a print company in Vernon . Here at Minuteman Press, we have been catering for the printing needs of the community for some time.

There are many services that a print company can provide. For example, stores often need to invest in services offering banner printing. Often, banners announce upcoming events, advertise sales, or highlight new store openings. Banners are fairly inexpensive to produce, and come in various sizes and materials. They help to draw the eye of those passing by.

Stores often also need invest in products such as brochures and booklets to advertise to Vernon’s community. Supermarkets send out flyers or brochures typically once a week, highlighting on-sale items or new products, containing recipes or meal ideas, and providing money-saving coupons. These are usually distributed as inserts in local newspapers or delivered directly to homes.

Small businesses also need stationery such as writing paper and pre-printed envelopes, and most companies prefer to hire a professional print company in Vernon. At Minuteman Press, we will work with the client to provide them with the best quality product for their needs. Professionally printed stationery helps create a great first impression, so give us a call for a free quote.