Logo Design in Janesville

Whether a logo is being created for a new company or a historical location, great logo design in Janesville is always important. Logos visually communicate to an organization’s audience something about the company. At Minuteman Press, we have many years of experience creating logos that engage customers and spread the right messages about a company.

Located along Interstate 90/39 with easy access to chicago and Madison, Wisconsin, by bus, Janesville was the home of the historic Parker Pen company for many years. Businesses both big and small know how important great logo design is – it’s more than just a picture on a sign. Logos help customers remember the company they’re working with, even when they don’t remember the name. It’s important for logos in Janesville to be distinctive, yet still fit into their industry.

Janesville is also home to many of the historic locations in Wisconsin, from the Lincoln-Tallman House to the Frances Willard Schoolhouse. With historic sites and visitor attractions, it can be even more important to have suitable logo design. Around Janesville’s grand places, it’s important that logos fit into their surroundings and carry a certain gravitas, so that they won’t stick out and look out of place.

When your organization is ready to take the next step towards revamping its logo design in Janesville, visit Minuteman Press. Whether you know what you want, or just know you’re ready for something different, we’re here to help. Stop in today to start designing your new logo!