Dublin officials plan workshop on river plan

September 9, 2013 by  

Dublin, Ohio officials hope to develop a strategy for making improvements along the Scioto River, and have decided they need a workshop to do so.

In the next few years, the city will be constructing a park by the river, as well as a pedestrian bridge, and will be realigning Riverside Drive too. The work has raised so many questions and concerns that the dublin City Council will meet September 16 to hammer out the details.

The city is working on redevelopment of the Bridge Street District, which will require relocating the drive, creating a new park on both sides of the river, and building a pedestrian bridge. These are seen as “catalyst” projects, which will spur more development in the area. They have already been included in the city’s improvement program.

The city council was expected to approve the plan, which included details of such developments as a mix of housing, office, retail, and green space. Instead, city council members expressed some resistance to the plan, especially with regard to multi-story buildings planned to front Riverside Drive. One council member felt there had not been enough public input with regard to the fact the development will shut out views of the river. Others questioned the need for the number of apartments proposed. The council hopes to resolve the problems at the September 16 meeting.

Dublin officials could work with brochure printers and create a hand-out to illustrate the projected development, thus helping to visualize the project and win support for the construction.