Postcard Printing in Akron

The fifth largest city in Ohio, Akron is located in the Great Lakes area and offers a variety of activities, historical sites, and tourist attractions. The city has many restaurants and theaters, and attracts thousands of visitors annually. Postcard printing in Akron is a common method used to solicit business to the various tourism entities in the area.

While the most frequent use of postcards is by direct mail for advertising purposes, another type of postcard is known as a freecard or adcard. These are used for direct distribution such as through vendor booths at conventions and festivals, as well as being included in marketing packets. They are also distributed through retail outlets to be used as souvenirs from the entity or activity such as a concert, performance, restaurant, art gallery, museum, or educational event.

Postcards are used to develop viral marketing for a business. Viral marketing means the card is shown to others and passed around. As this occurs, it creates more awareness and ideally more business for the company producing the postcard.

Postcards are generally printed on heavy stock paper or light cardboard, in full color with a glossy finish. If printed for the purpose of direct mail, one side will have the details about the solicitation, such as the company and the offer, while the back side will have space for the address and postage. The return address can be printed at time of production of the postcard.

Postcard printing in Akron is an easy project for experienced printers. Our team is available to assist with the creative stage right through the end production.