St. Cloud pet owners in the dog house

May 3, 2012 by  

The St. Cloud Health and Inspections Department is urging dog owners to adhere to a city ordinance and license their dogs.

In the past 16 months, the department, which is in charge of animal control in St. Cloud, has dispensed a 3,949 dog licenses. However, estimates suggest that the city may have more than 16,000 dogs, based on a per household formula developed by the American Veterinary Medical Association. That means that almost 75% of the possible dog population in St. Cloud is unlicensed.

The AVMA formulated estimate pay be high, as St. Cloud allows just two dogs per household and rental housing may forbid dogs; however, even an estimate erring on the conservative side is a concern to animal control.

Following the example of other municipalities which have found success in increasing dog licenses, St. Cloud is striving to make them easier to purchase by making them available online or accessible at pet retailers or veterinarian clinics. This summer, a student intern will be employed by the city to contact owners of lapsed dog tags reminding them to renew their pets license.

With the popularity of off-leash parks, poster printing could be undertaken by the City of St. Cloud and posters placed in dog parks reminding owners of the importance of dog tags to identify lost, stolen or hurt animals.

License fees continue to be reasonable at just $26.50 annually for unaltered dogs, $10.50 for dogs which have been spayed or neutered and $6.50 for dogs adopted by senior citizens.