Booklet Printing in Hickory Hills

Booklet printing in Hickory Hills , Illinois, creates a product that’s familiar to everyone. Hickory Hills is famous for its woods, with forest preserves covering about half the land. Native Americans settled the region early in its history, drawn by the abundance of game, but the things that attracted the Native Americans made life difficult for farmers, and the city’s growth was slow. However, the value of the forests was recognized, and in approximately 1916 the Cook County Forest Preserve District began purchasing the woods. At Minuteman Press, we’re delighted to be part of this ecologically-minded community.

Booklet printing gives manufacturers a tool they can use to help their customers. They may tuck a booklet listing parts and assembly instructions in with a product that has to be put together. A music company might send a booklet along with CDs, using it to describe the songs and giving artists’ profiles. A customer who orders a film on DVD sometimes receives a booklet that lists the cast, describes the plot, or provides other information.

Booklets are small – the largest are seldom bigger than a paperback book, and run between 4-50 pages in length. However, they contain all the information needed because they are restricted to one subject – that is, a booklet that provides assembly instructions doesn’t also contain information about the company and the city where it’s located. Booklets are very concise and pack a lot into a small space.

Booklet printing in Hickory Hills brings a useful product to residents of this Chicago-area city. Please give us a call or stop in at Minuteman Press today for a free quote.