Making T-shirt fundraisers a success in Charlotte

April 19, 2017 by  

There are many not-for-profit groups, sports teams, clubs, and other organizations in Charlotte, and one thing they almost all have in common is a need to raise funds to support their activities. Selling T-shirts can be a fun way to fundraise, and a local print company in Charlotte can be counted on to help.

The first step in designing a successful T-shirt campaign is to find an event that appeals to as many members of the target customer base as possible. For instance, if it’s near the end of the school year, that could be used as a theme for the campaign. The items in question can be designed to include a catchphrase and graphics, and will catch the eye of kids who are happy to welcome the summer break.

Secondly, choose the layout that will be used. A printer’s graphic design team will be able to provide assistance with this. It’s a good idea to devise graphics, fonts and wording that are suitable for any gender, as this will maximize the potential sales. Components of the company’s brand, such as its logo, should be included in the design.

When choosing graphics, simple is often best. Adding too many can make the shirt appear cluttered, and its message may be lost. Color is also a consideration, as the ones selected should show up well against the fabric.

When it comes to the text, there are plenty of fonts to choose from, and if there isn’t one that’s suitable, a professional printer will be able to craft one. This can be especially important if it’s a part of a company or organization’s brand, as this allows the shirts to serve as promotional products, raising awareness of the business, team, or group among the public.

If the shirt is being sold as part of a fundraiser, keeping costs to a minimum is very important. Using a one-color design and printing on only one side of the item can result in a significant savings, leaving as much money as possible for the cause.

If funding is especially tight, a T-shirt raffle can be a perfect fit. Only a few shirts are needed, and they can be combined with other branded merchandise to be given away as prizes. Only a limited number will be needed, as only the winners will receive one.

When planning a campaign using custom printed shirts, it’s a good idea to order other products, such as flyers, posters, and postcards that promote it to the community. A printer can also supply order forms, sales records, and cash sheets and any other items required to make the fundraiser a success. Ordering them at the same time as the shirts can save a lot of time, and in many cases, a printer can even accept orders for them online. This can be very convenient, and lets the organizers work even outside of business hours.

Selling T-shirts can be a simple and easy way for a team, business or group to raise both money and awareness in the community. A local print company in Charlotte will be able to supply a huge range of materials that can help to make sure such a campaign is a success.


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