How Charlotte printing companies can make weddings extra special

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With its many parks, pleasant climate and welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Charlotte is a popular destination for those who are planning a wedding. Designing invitations for the event gives couples an opportunity to express their creative side, and printing companies in Charlotte can be counted upon to lend their talents to the occasion.

When choosing the layout for wedding invitations, it’s important to keep in mind that their main function is to let people know about the event, when and where it will take place, and any other information that can help them. This is why it’s vital that, whatever font is chosen, it should be clean and easy to read. Adequate space should be left in the design for the text that will be included, and the amount used will depend on the number of details that need to be conveyed.

In some cases, graphics rather than words are the best choice for sharing information. For example, including a map of the location can be very helpful for those who will be arriving from out of town. The names of the couple can also serve as the focal point of the item, and can act as both visual and text elements.

If a large photo or other graphical element will serve as the focal point for the invitation, it’s crucial that enough blank spaces is left to include any wording without making it appear cluttered. It’s also wise to make sure that the picture being used is clear, in focus, and of a high quality, as it will be what catches the eye before anything else.

The style of the invitation will also dictate what sorts of graphics should be chosen. A formal, traditional look pairs best with pictures that are simple and elegant, while a more modern look can complement larger design elements. For some couples, a whimsical approach will dictate their choices, and these invitations can call for pictures and font styles that are fun, exciting, and a little out of step with the number.

Another part of the design to consider is the border. These frame the text, and adds a polished look to the piece. If one is used, make sure to leave enough space between it and the text and also the edge of the invitation. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least a quarter of an inch, as this will prevent it from looking crowded and also give room for the bleed lines.

“What are bleed lines?” you may ask. Bleed lines are the portion of the design goes beyond the edge of the invitation and will be trimmed off. It’s possible to use this to enhance the look of the piece by crafting a pattern that uses this on all sides, or even some of them. These will not have a border, and lend themselves well to modern and quirky looks.

Choosing a custom wedding invitation design allows a couple to express its personality and the happiness of their special day. Printing companies in Charlotte can lend their talents to the creative process, resulting in invitations the bride and groom can be proud to use in this vibrant North Carolina city.


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