Creating beautiful banners with a Charlotte printing company

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The city of Charlotte is steeped in Southern charm, and is well known for its hospitality. As summer approaches and the time comes for fun in the great outdoors, many area businesses, organizations, and individuals will be hosting events large and small, and whether they are planning something small like a family gathering, or large like a trade expo, banners produced by a printing company in Charlotte can add the final touch to almost any gathering.

When designing banners, it’s a good idea to keep the KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) maxim in mind. The design should get its message across clearly, and the item itself should not be cluttered with too many graphics or other details. The lettering should be bold and easy to read, as this will lend a professional look to the piece.

When selecting pictures or other graphics that will be added to the banner, vector based ones are best, as their size can be scaled both up and down without affecting the clarity and resolution of the image. In many cases, raster-based images may also be used, but they tend to lose resolution as they are increased or decreased in size. A professional printer will have software that can convert raster graphics to a vector format.

When choosing graphic or text for the banner, the resolution should be between 100 – 300 ppi (pixels per inch), as this will ensure that it will be clear, no matter how close or far away the person viewing it may be. Keeping this in mind, a lower resolution may be acceptable if the banner is to be viewed from a long distance.

When designing graphical elements or fonts for the piece, a good rule of thumb is that people will read it from further away and then move in for a closer look. This means that, in most cases, it will need to look as good from a foot away as it does from twenty. To help ensure that this is the case, it’s important to leave space between the different elements of the design. Choose a font type that is easy to read, and don’t get bogged down in tiny details that will be lost in the overall banner.

Banners can be made even more effective through the use of bright, contrasting colors. A company with distinctive brand colors should include these, and also its logo, and this will help to build its brand and attract the attention of passersby. If the piece in question is for a private function such as a bridal reception, the wedding colors selected by the couple can be used in overall banner design.

Once the final version has been settled on, it’s a good idea to print a test copy on a much smaller scale to see how it all works together. It can also be viewed from a short distance to see how it will look to its intended audience, and any changes can be made before sending the final version for printing. This can be a real saver of both time and money.

Banners are a printed item that can be used in a wide assortment of ways, and a printing company in Charlotte will be able to offer further advice and tips for producing truly unique and beautiful banners.


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