TrainHR wraps up July with practical webinars

July 29, 2012 by  

Following closely on the heels of ‘Enhancing Employee Engagement Through Positive Psychology’ and ‘If it Wasn’t Documented It Didn’t Happen: Legal & Effective Documentation’, Wilmington-based TrainHR has a couple more excellent webinars planned for the end of the month.

As a starting point, local managers and entrepreneurs have the option of listening in on “Managing Performance, Conformance, and Behavior: Using Motivation, Encouragement, and Discipline to Improve Productivity” right at the end of the month on July 31. In light of the direction the economy has taken in recent times, the ability to get more out of people is something that can never be taken lightly. After all, a company’s ability to maximize its resources can go a long way under current market conditions. Local decision-makers who are happy to access the webinar have the option of doing so.

Whether sorting out an upcoming catalog printing campaign or figuring out ways to do more with the printing services of brochure printers, the content of this session will help businesses learn how best to capitalize on the options they have available to them.

On the same day, TrainHR will be hosting another webinar in ‘Managing Global Talent’. Thanks to globalization and economic trends, companies have a greater talent pool from which to draw when it comes to their employees. Even so, finding ways to effectively manage people across cultures can do a lot to promote stability and unity within the workplace.

Over the course of this presentation, TrainHR is aiming to examine this issue from the perspective of acquiring and retaining talent.