Minuteman Press of Manchester, UK Wins Customer Service Award!

Farmingdale, NY (7/30/2014) – The Minuteman Press center located in Manchester, which is owned by Patrick Barber, recently received the “Top Customer Service Award!” This award was presented to Patrick at the end of May, by Area Manager, Mark Heath. This award is one of five regional awards given out every other year.

This “best in category” award recognizes Patrick and his personnel for their consistent delivery of top notch customer service to an ever expanding clientele. It joins the other relatively recent award received by this shop, which was received at the Manchester Regional Meeting on 3 December, 2013, and celebrates the Manchester store hitting a gross sales goal.

Minuteman Press Home Office along Area Manager Mark Heath would like to congratulate Patrick and staff on their recent successes! We look forward to watching your continued growth and success!




Minuteman Press Home Office Featured in Small Business Opportunities Magazine!

Farmingdale, NY (7/21/2014)– Small Business Opportunities Magazine recently profiled Minuteman Press International Inc. in an article that tells of the history of the company, as well as what makes Minuteman stand out from its competition!

Nick Titus, Minuteman’s Chief Marketing Officer, had this to say about the company, “We’ve always taken the approach of never saying no to a customer. Even if a particular store hasn’t done what a customer wants, with almost a thousand franchises in the system, there’s always somebody somewhere who has done what you are looking to do.”

The article goes on to explain the secret of Minuteman Press’s long time success.  “A Minuteman Press owner today doesn’t just print. We’ve been more of what I call a marketing service provider,” says Michael Jutt, executive Vice President and director of training. “Because of the addition of promotional products, we believe we stand a very good chance of growing our entire business over the next five years by 50 percent,” Jutt says.

Moreover, because Minuteman Press already has clients’ logos on file and understands their needs, Jutt adds that the company can do “cross-media applications” – building websites, producing movies and posting them to video hosting sites such as YouTube or even creating a rolling digital presentation that clients can play on televisions or other digital monitors. “With the advent of digital technology and communications tools, we can do anything to help make business grow,” says Jutt.

The Minuteman Press Home Office is honored to have such a great article written about the leaders of our company. We look forward to seeing what great things the future has in store for Minuteman Press.

from left to right: Nick, Bob, Gary and Jackie Titus


Minuteman Press of Princeton, MN Named Business of the Year!

Farmingdale, NY (7/16/2014) –   Mindi and Tim Siercks, owners of the Minuteman Press located in Princeton, MN were  named “Business of the Year” by their local Chamber of Commerce. The Siercks’ brought Minuteman Press to Princeton in 2011 and have been an integral part of the community ever since.  The company provides web site services, print and design services, copy and supplies and much, much more.   “If it has to do with business communications services, Princeton Minuteman Press will take care of your project for you from start to finish,” notes Mindi.

Tim and Mindi believe that your business is their business and that if you succeed, they succeed.  That philosophy is at the center of everything they do.  With a mission of exceeding their customer’s expectations, Princeton Minuteman Press will always be there for their customer, with honest, expert advice and quick, friendly customer service.

Tim and Mindi’s commitment to community does not stop at the door of the store either.  Tim serves as a PACC Board Director and is on the 2013 City Planning Commission.  Tim is also part owner of the Princeton Speedway.  Mindi serves on the Public Utilities Commission.

Minuteman Press Home Office along with Area Manager Chris Lauyans would like to congratulate Mindi, Tim and staff on their recent successes! We know that this going to be a banner year for you. Keep up the good work!



Owner of Minuteman Press in Penrith, AU “Locked Up” for Charity!

Farmingdale, NY (7/10/2014) – John Capes, owner of the Minuteman Press center located in Penrith, was “locked up” to raise money for local charity “Police Citizens  Youth Clubs.,” PCYC provides youth programs for “at risk” children. As well as having local businesses pledge money  through the web page, John also walked through a shopping center  handcuffed and escorted by police to get local shoppers to donate loose change.

John had this to say about the experience, “Throughout my stint, I was referred to by the host on the loud speaker as John Capes from Minuteman Press Penrith. Not sure if it will get us any new clients, but at least everyone now knows who the fool was in the jail garb!” John continued, “The importance of getting involved with this, however, is that the PCYC is a member of two of the network groups that I am involved with. As well as the support for them it also raises my awareness within the networking groups themselves. Networking is not just about turning up at every meeting, it is also about learning what is passionate to others and helping them as well. This does help grow our business.”

Minuteman Press Home Office along with Area Manager, Glen Coyle, are very proud of John for going the extra mile to not only support a local charity, but to garner business exposure in a most creative and unusual way. Well done John!



Minuteman Press of Clifton Park, NY Celebrates Grand Opening!

Farmingdale, NY (7/7/2014)  - The Minuteman Press of Clifton Park, which is owned by David Fizer, celebrated its Grand Opening on June 19, 2014! In addition to a ribbon cutting ceremony, Minuteman Press also hosted an open house where people could come in to meet David and his staff, tour the facilities and learn about the products and services that Minuteman Press can offer to its local community.

“Clifton Park seems to be a nicely growing community, and we wanted to provide the printing services to it,” Fizer said.  “I hope to make my franchise stand out in the area through a high level of service.” The store will offer pick-up and delivery, competitive prices and same-day printing on most orders noted Fizer.

Minuteman Press Home Office along with Regional Vice President, Jim Galasso, would officially like to welcome David and his staff into the Minuteman Press family. We look forward to seeing all that your bright future has in store for you!