Minuteman Press Franchise Review: Why Fusing Print with Digital and Social Media is the Key to Marketing Success

Why Fusing Print with Digital and Social Media is the Key to Marketing Success

See how printing industry experts partner with customers to create successful integrated marketing strategies in this special report by The Minuteman Press Franchise Review

The printed word is still the unchallenged champion of credibility in 2015, perceived widely as more so than anything on the web.  There is an old proverb that says, “If someone invested enough to print and mail it, it MUST be important!” Indeed, print excites people in that its very nature is more attractive to the senses, and the maturing digital age, in a way, has only strengthened its power because these days, there is a saturation of digital advertisements through pop-ups, social media, blogs and websites.  Of course, Internet channels and mobile applications are necessary mainstays in today’s marketing plans for their expansive ability to take conversations – started, perhaps, by a direct mail campaign containing a web address or hashtag – and ensure that they continue in a way where your brand’s message can pick up new audiences along the way and generate excitement online.

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Two Time World Boxing Champion Amir Khan (left) is presented with a check for £250 by Minuteman Press franchise owner Amad Hassan (right). Minuteman Press in Oxford supports the Amir Khan Foundation, who has teamed up with Penny Appeal to raise funds and build homes that will support 100 orphaned children in The Gambia, West Africa.

Minuteman Press in Oxford Helps Two Time World Boxing Champion Amir Khan Deliver a Knockout Punch to Combat Homelessness and Support Underprivileged Children in The Gambia

Minuteman Press franchise owner Amad Hassan donates £250 to the Amir Khan Foundation, who has teamed up with Penny Appeal to raise funds and build homes that will support 100 orphaned children in The Gambia, West Africa

OXFORD, England–Minuteman Press in Oxford recently attended a charity fundraising dinner in support of the Amir Khan Foundation, who has teamed up with Penny Appeal to raise funds to build a complex in The Gambia, West Africa, which will offer housing and support 100 orphaned children. Once built, the complex will not only offer housing but include a community center, school and clinic as well. In addition, a dedicated foster mother will live in each home, which will accommodate 10 children and allow them to live together in as natural of an environment as possible.

“Minuteman Press in Oxford was proud to support such a worthy cause by attending the fundraiser and donating £250 to the Amir Khan Foundation,” said franchise owner Amad Hassan. He continued, “It was a real honor to meet Amir Khan and present him with our donation check, and we were grateful for this opportunity to help orphaned children in The Gambia get the housing and care they deserve.”

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Minuteman Press Entrepreneur Jude Arijaje Doubles Year-Over-Year Sales Growth in Philadelphia; Shares Insights on Franchise Success

Jude Arijaje Discusses Key Factors in Driving Sales Growth for His Minuteman Press Franchise

PHILADELPHIA—Jude Arijaje is an opportunist, an entrepreneur, and an inspiration. In 2000, Arijaje came from Nigeria to Philadelphia and was determined to become a success story both in life and business. After working as a parking lot attendant and leveraging the relationships he formed with others in his community, Arijaje went into business as an independent real estate broker. As a real estate agent, Arijaje would spend thousands of dollars per year on printing a wide variety of promotional materials such as signs, flyers, banners and countless other items. This is when he saw another business opportunity come to light in the form of the Minuteman Press franchise, and in 2008 Jude Arijaje began a new chapter in his entrepreneurial career by opening his Minuteman Press business.

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Minuteman Press Franchise Review: One Easy Way to Make Employees Diplomats for Your Business, Instantly (featured in cover photo is the staff of The Minuteman Press franchise in Georgetown, TX)

One Easy Way to Make Employees Diplomats for Your Business, Instantly

Employees should wear brand apparel to generate brand awareness

Company clothing impacts the in-house workforce on multiple levels and to the great benefit of company brand overall.  It lifts pride, hones determination and boosts morale, which can only lead to the desire among employees to confidently spread the brand message because a naturally occurring response to people dressing in company colors is the greater attachment they will feel to their co-workers and their company.  From this seemingly simple adjustment in dress code, it is possible to unleash a fleet of diplomats not just into direct contact with the customer base, but also branching out further into channels that reach new potential, such as social media, local events and anywhere proud employees might travel.  A 2014 report by Deloitte Global Human Capital trends illustrated that 78 percent of those surveyed rank engagement or retention as urgent or important for continued success.  Employees with pride in their companies are more engaged and are retained more frequently than those for whom pride is not a factor.  Harvesting pride in staff means engaging a healthy company culture with people who are invested in the mission of the company, and it could be said that a very easy way to begin is by outfitting all employees with branded shirts.  It is through the higher level of attachment developed by wearing company colors that a personal investment is deepened and with that an intensely powerful asset comes forth as these new, properly attired diplomats become vocal advocates for their brand, with no complaints.

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Minuteman Press Franchise Review - Four Reasons Why Digital Printing is Unstoppable

Four Reasons Why the Future of Digital Printing is Unstoppable

Printing industry growth is driven both by grounded and innovative solutions

The future of digital printing is white hot and the wisest decision-makers in the industry are embracing this expanding sector of the industry with vigor and enthusiasm.  According recent data, the value of all digital printing just less than a decade ago represented under a fifth of the offset print market.  A digital print explosion is anticipated within the next three years and it is projected that digital printing will be worth about half of the offset print sector worldwide. Also, in more established print regions, the percentage worth will be even higher. These are empowering times for print industry leaders (such as those at Minuteman Press International) who are not intimidated but are rather invigorated about the future of digital printing. Data suggests that in a few short years, digital print volume is projected to reach nearly 70%. In addition, it is predicted that the total digital market will increase substantially within the next 5-10 years, with inkjet accounting for more than half of both the value and the volume of digital printing.  Indeed, the immediate future of digital print must include a hybrid solution that merges one of the most respected, long-standing methods of communication (offset printing) with the dynamic, emerging channel that is digital print. It is certainly an exciting time to be part of The Minuteman Press Franchise considering the vested pride Minuteman Press has in successfully staying at the forefront of a business services industry that offers a promising, profitable future fueled by both tradition and trailblazing force.

Four Reasons Why Digital Printing is Soaring:

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