Identify the right sites for new design franchises

One of the most critical decisions that owners of new design franchises ever have to make is encompassed within a single word – where? Getting the location right is intrinsic to the success and evolution of any business with products and services to sell to consumers and other businesses. Really good site choices can reap rich rewards that are as gratifying and lucrative as literally opening the doors and watching the business pour in. Success at this level is, of course, based on the assumption that service is consistently good and represents value for money.

On the obverse side of the coin, poor site choices can be damaging, even ultimately destructive. Design franchises are no different to other types of retail businesses in terms of accessibility and visibility holding the keys to success. If they are established in places that are difficult to get to, or are off the beaten track with little passing footfall, proprietors have to work a lot harder to secure market share. Even then, sheer hard work and extensive marketing are sometimes not enough to justify business survival.

Site selection assistance gives Minuteman Press design franchises valuable competitive edge. Many other franchisors offer their franchisees help with site selection. Yet the twist in the tail that makes us a strong choice is the way in which we reverse the process that most other franchisors follow. It is too often the case that franchisors sell businesses to franchisees first. They then send franchisees away to source potential sites. At Minuteman Press, we begin the process by carrying out intricate evaluations of sites proposed by potential franchisees.

These evaluations include intensive research into the potential that the suggested sites for new design franchises genuinely have – or do not have. This in-depth evaluation is based on the decades of design franchise experience that we have to our name. The emphasis placed on site suitability is influenced by our successful design franchises in over 900 varied locations, meaning that we know a thing or two about where and where not to launch new businesses.

This in-depth analysis is non-negotiable. At Minuteman Press, we will not agree to enter into design franchise partnerships if we do not believe that suggested sites are suitable ones. This is simply good business sense.

We have our own exceptional reputation to protect, and are not prepared to hang our name over a poorly located flagging business. Furthermore, we have the success of our franchisees at heart. Premium design franchises do not come for free – they require investment. Therefore, if we are not confident that suggested sites will deliver satisfactory returns on investments for franchisees, the sites are rejected and franchise partnerships are not forged.

There is plenty of useful information about getting design franchises off the ground available on our website. The time and resources that we expend on site selection may seem long winded to expectant franchisees that cannot wait to open their doors. Yet they should take enormous reassurance that the doors they do ultimately open up will be to busy and profitable business.