A large majority of our owners did not have prior industry experience, and most have never owned a business before. We have developed a comprehensive two week training program staffed with professional training personnel, most of whom have been with Minuteman Press since its inception. In training we assume two things, you have no prior background in the industry and you have never run your own business before.

Our training program covers all aspects of owning and operating a successful center. Our system has been continually refined and improved over the past 40 years. We’ll cover all aspects of the business from marketing, to management and pricing. We have also developed proprietary business management and pricing software that is regarded as the best in the industry. It makes running a Minuteman Press center easier and more efficient. This software, known as FLEX, enables you to track all of your marketing efforts, customer spending habits, pricing and workflow.

Once the training school is completed, one of our representatives from your local regional office will continue your training onsite. They will assist in the setup of the business, everything from guidance on staffing to starting the marketing programs to establish the center within the local business community.

Minuteman Press - Bruno Taillefer

Bruno Taillefer, Duluth, GA

In business since 2014 • Background: Business Consultant

“When I was told I had to go to two weeks (training) in New York I didn’t feel I needed to, because I figured I’m a business consultant, I know how to run an operation. I can hire people to run the printing side for me. After my two weeks in New York, I know why we have to spend two weeks in New York. The information I was given was fundamental to me. And the support when we got back from NY was two weeks of undivided attention.”

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