Monthly Archives: December 2011

IFA says credit increasing for businesses

Whilst the US business landscape still remains rocky for 2012, there are still a great many opportunities out there. One area that is certainly looking viable for people wanting to be their own boss is with franchise opportunities.

A major reason a franchise could present such a viable alternative to regular employment is the improvement in the accessibility of credit through the year ahead.

The improvement in credit options is largely because of the forthcoming election; as major financial policies that have remained stagnant for too long start to be resolved.

Those coming to a bank or other lending institution with a franchise opportunity also offer a far more attractive investment proposition, with 95 per cent of such businesses liable to succeed.

Improvements to the access of funding are also down to the efforts of the franchise industry movers and shakers. As the CEO of the International Franchising Association (IFA), Steve Caldeira put it:

“We’ve been working hard with the lending community and credit is starting to loosen up…”

Over the last ten years, franchising has performed extremely well against other industry sectors, with a growth of 40%. Though things slowed down in the last couple of years, decline was largely avoided.

Now things are starting to recover, projected growth looks promising, with many jobs being created and output being driven up.

Iconic brands have remained resilient, but emerging brands have really soared too. With business services expected to make up a large area of growth, one strand to keep an eye is printing franchises.